Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Ads!

I just finished an update to my main site, Retro Ads and Graphics. I added articles on selected ads, mostly the companies history. There can be stories behind some of the ads that are fun to research. Remember to click on an ad to see it in its full size! Comments always appreciated and feel free to repost these to wherever you want. Just name this site as the source. Link exchanges would be great, too.

Oldsmobile loved the aviation theme and used it for years.

I am so glad I did not ever have to wear a shirt like this!

Everyone should have a gay party.

There is a second part to this, but I liked this side best.

What is this ad trying to say? 

I like the shapes and the flow of this ad. Very elegant.

Aye, Aye, Captain. Report to the deck in your underwear on the double!

This is like one of those dreams where you  forget to wear clothes and go to work in  your underwear.

Just an ad with a family walking on a giant shoe.

Merry Christmas, Jimmy! Here is your new jack-in-the-box!

The woman looks a little too excited about her coffee maker. Maybe if her husband stayed home more often...

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