Monday, May 4, 2009

More Ads today

I have neglected to ad to this blog the last month. I have been busy. So here are more ads to enjoy, for the few people who have actually visited this site!

Here is an oldie - Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd ad, when they were known as "The Pink Floyd."

50’s era ad for Parker Pens. Parker had a lot of great ads out back then - very stylish.

Pepsi did a series of ads like like this, very elegant illustrations.

I just sold this one on e-bay. This is from Fortune magazine, 1942. All of Bohns ads ad a futuristic theme. I wonder if this would have actually flown.

This has an art-deco feel to me. Cool ad for a vacuum cleaner.

Santa endorsed many a product, with Jello being just one of many, although cigarettes seem to be his favorite product endorsement.

This guy looks like Bill Murray to me. Maybe just a little bit at first glance.

This is an ad from National Geographic, 1950’s, for blankets.

We used to get this excited over Dixie Cups, too , when we were kids.