Monday, March 23, 2009

Retro Ads and Graphics - A Look at Past Advertising

The purpose of this site is to share my collection of vintage advertisements from various magazines, starting from the 1920's up to the later 1970's. This site is a companion to my main site, Retro Ads and Graphics, which I started mainly to improve my CSS and website building skills. I did not leave any room for comments on the ads, so that is why I am doing this one, too. The two sites will work together to bring these ads back to life.

I was very impressed with many of these ads. I am a graphic designer, so I look at them differently than most. I see work that was done way before computers, when it took typesetters, plate strippers, camera operators and other skills to make these ads happen.

My source materials are maily Life, Saturday Evening Post, and National Geographics, in addition to four Fortune magazines from the WW2 years. My website has the ads arranged by category. I am not going to do that here. I plan to put my favorites up in no particular order and make comments on them.

Starting with this one, from 1955, for Janzen Swimwear. Gotta love the pose here.

This one takes us back to the day when a woman dressed up to play tennis.

This one, for Carnation Milk, is a little creepy. I am not sure I like the look on the boys faces. I do not think you could do an ad like this today.

I have a few ads that show Santa's smoking habit. Here is one.

This guy seems a bit to pre-occupied with the beer, instead of focusing on what looks like a baby on the way.

I wish I could have been in the meeting where they came up with the idea for this one, for Matico Floors, from 1955.

Men just do not dress up like this anymore. I never got to wear a hat to work.

I have more car ads than anything else. This is my new favorite. Oldsmobile Rocket 98 from 1952. Click to view larger.

These old car ads are fantastic artwork, as shown on this one for Pontiac. From 1956,this car is called the Strato-Streak, probably one of many products with the Strato-theme.

To end tonights post, nothing says "Happy Birthday, Dad" than a carton of fresh cigarettes. How many birthdays will old dad have left if he gets these every year?

I have so many more to post! tune in again or visit my other website. Please fell free to comment!

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Ana Laura said...

Excellent collection of ads, thank you!!!